Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veterans Day

After a long hiatus I am finding myself with tons of extra time to start posting our missions again : )  The kids actually asked me to make videos of them and I said lets start with pictures!  So they inspired me to start taking pictures and documenting our missions again.  They have been on a much smaller scale lately, but they make a big impact on those we serve and in our hearts.  So I begin again with Veterans Day!  The truth about Veterans Day is that I didn't remember it was Veterans Day until after lunch.  Once I remembered I knew it had to be something simple, but I knew it was necessary for both mine and the children's sake that we recognize and honor the men and women that have and currently do serve.  So we have a neighbor and a married couple we know that is near by that are veterans.  We pulled out our butcher paper and markers and made extra large thank you cards for them.  Super simple but it made a huge impact.  The kids came up with everything you see on the sign.  The pictures of them walking to our neighbors they were marching in a line pretending they were soldiers delivering the card.  Unfortunately our neighbor was not home and we had to go back later and I forgot the camera :)  BUT we still have the initial attempt to deliver captured!  The sign is hanging up in their house now.  It meant so much to Mr. G!  He took Branden and the kids up to a room where he had his medals displayed and explained how each one was earned.  He was so excited to share!  The visit ended with hugs and thank you's to Mr. G for serving our country.  We then drove to the next house where both the husband and wife served.  We presented them with a sign (I forgot the camera again).  They were so thankful!  They had the kids help them tape the sign on a wall in their garage.  I am sure it will be there for a long time!  It was a spur of the moment mission, but it turned out so amazingly well! 

These pictures were funny to me after looking at them on the computer because I noticed the drastic clothing difference between the kids.  So who was wearing the appropriate clothing?  I actually don't remember the weather that day, but I do know Annaliese and Finnian are both immuned to cold weather.  Shorts, t-shirts and bare feet.  They are quite content that way! 

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